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Ebay Drone Buy – Two Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidians  Part 1

For clarification, I buy stuff on ebay from time to time and I would say I have an advanced understanding of ebay being both a buyer and a seller. I sell foam attic mounted speaker boxes I manufacture, but its not a booming business. In this case I was a ebay drone buyer.

Buy Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidian for $800 on Ebay They Say, its Easy They Say

I have been searching for a deal on a couple DJI Phantom 4 Pro+ Obsidians for a while now. Recently, there was a sale that was simply unbelievable. There in front of me was 13 Pro+ Obsidians, right there in front of me for $800 brand new in the package. Now, you may think this sale was too good to be true, however it was real according to the seller and ebay, and this is my experience.

Ebay Drone Buyer Scores Two Drones for the Price of One

At the time, I was browsing ebay and I saw the drone, only two had sold according to ebay. I was ecstatic and rapidly started placing my orders. The two companies I own are actually buying these so, I was using two different cards. Because of this,I placed two orders. The order for the first drone was placed and I got the usual order placed confirmation from ebay. I placed the second order and had issues.

Meanwhile I also received an order rejection from ebay. The notification for the first order said payment was not accepted but nothing else. I called ebay and talked to one, then another tech support person and finally a got a manager. He told me it was Paypal, so I called them. Paypal told me they saw no transactions coming from ebay at all. Therefore, to Paypal there was an issue with the seller or ebay.

Ebay Blamed Me, the Seller, Paypal and all of My Payment Methods 

I called ebay back and they really had no answers and of course they were not willing to contact the seller directly. My guess is that the deal was so good, the seller could not keep up with the orders and while he received orders, he processed them in batches. So, they likely sold out within minutes, but delayed processing payment through Paypal causing an hour delay. I am not 100% blaming him, but this is a glitch in ebay if that is the case. Ebay should automatically redduce the availability as orders are placed not as order payment is accepted.


Working Through This Crazy Ebay Drone Buy

In the meantime, I attempted to place the orders over ten times. Three orders actually went through and ebay or the seller subsequently rejected payment. Orders were placed using a bank account through Paypal. I used attached credit cards, debit cards and all failed. Payment method was not the issue, nor was lack of funds. All the while this was happenning, I watched the ebay product available numbers decline from 11 to 10, 9, 8, 7 5, 3, 2 and finally none and the sale ended. I was crushed, after all the holding out and waiting and stumbling on this remarkable sale.

Sometimes you just have to ask

I had finally given up as a ebay drone buyer and was a little perplexed what to do, so I contact the seller. The seller, Jariven was more than helpful, and I truly believe he simply felt bad the error had happened. I was able to provide a screen shot of the confirmed sales. They showed that ebay had accepted and then rejected the orders. Jariven told me not to worry, he would honor the sale and provide me two new drones as advertised.

I Believe This Drone Deal Will Happen, But Stay Tuned

This is not final yet, I may or may not still be an ebay drone buyer after all. The seller, Jariven is working with ebay to discuss the issue. Plus we need to be able to transact through ebay. So, while we wait too get ebay to assist with this transaction, I have agreement in writing from Jariven through ebay messages. I believe, if nothing else this constitues a written agreement, plus I believe the guy. He is in the Netherlands and has been a member of ebay since 2009 with a lot of perfect feedback as a buyer and seller. I can say, based on my experience, I can say why and I hope the current agreement is fulfilled as I believe it will be.

Stay tuned, I will update once I get the drones in hand, I get burned for $1600, the offer is withdrawn or whatever occurs.

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