Mountain Drone Videos

mountain drone videos

mountain drone video on Jett Drone youtube Channel Mountain Drone Videos

I have a lot of fun being an FAA UAS licensed pilot and I also enjoy posting new mountain drone videos. I love to explore and video the mountain areas of Colorado that most people don’t think of capturing. I have found some fun stuff exploring the back country and it’s always fun to get up there and explore. Drone videography adds the next twist, understanding the differnt shots and practicing them. Playing with live video and post video editing is also key to understand. Do you record in D-log and color grade or just use the cameras natural colorization. Some of it depends on the camera and the rest skills of the operator and editor. We have created quite a few mountain videos that are just our own, not shot for anyone else tat we can show without license. These videos are on our Youtube Channel and we add to it as we have free time.

mountain deone video of high upThe Mountains Are a Challenging Place to Fly a Drone

I love flying around in the mountains but I have had a few issues. There seems to sometimes be strong magnetic interference in some canyons that mess with the sensors and I have had issues controlling a drone. I also had a drone crash up above Drake, Colorado which is between Loveland and Estes Park, Colorado. The crash happened due to loss of control and then line of site and then the drone drifted a half mile away. It crashed out of my site into the side of a mountain 400 feet up and 500 feet in. It was a sad day for my Mavic Pro I named Jett.

Tracking Down a Lost Drone in the Mountains 

I could not get cellular signal to upload the map to visually tell how far in the drone was. However, the tracking arrow was showing me the course, which was a half mile down the road I was near and then straight up the mountain. I drove back down the mountain and downloaded the map. The GPS showed where it was and it was definitely going to be hard to locate. It was in heavy tree cover and areas of thick brush, with steep rocky terrain.

mountain drone video scene of the crashRecovering my Drone Two Days Later

Unfortunately, the day I was shooting these mountain drone videos, I had to leave it due to lightning and access permission issues. Two days later, we hiked up the back side to avoid access complaints and we started our search.  We started where the gps signal took us and to no surprise, there was no drone to be found. I knew that due to signal issues and gps proximity that the drone was within 100 yards. We hiked around for a couple hours searching the approximated 100 yard search area in a grid pattern. This was difficult at best because of the lack of visual reference. Everything looked the same, so good landmarks were hard to come by. In the end, after a long hard search I had given up. I turned to walk out and looked up to my son Sean, who was helping me search the area and he simply said, “Found It”.

How Did the Drone Make Out?

It was fine! It did get rained on so that was an issue of concern and another story entirely (be careful putting your drone in rice). It still flys without any repair required except for changing the blades out. I have since learned better ways to keep the drone in visual line of sight in the mountains. However, it ended up being a pretty good day of hiking with my son in the mountains.


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